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Torskeklubben Boss Robert Gisvold (standing) Treasurer Larry Molsather (seated left) Secretary Jeff Woll (seated right)


Torskeklubben was founded in 1933 by Arne Fremmegaard. Torskeklubben's original goal was to lend aid to Norway after World War II in addition to forming a club of Norwegians to gather and converse in their native language.

Torskeklubben is a non-profit club which gives scholarship aid to students wishing to study at the University of Minnesota Graduate School.

Torskeklubben meets the first Saturday of the month during the winter months at Interlachen Country Club in Edina. A lunch is server which includes torske with a boiled potato, melted butter, and aqua vit. There is usually a guest speaker and suits and ties are required.


Interlachen Country Club is on Interlachen Blvd in Edina. From the east, exit highway 100 at 50th street and proceed west. Turn right at the Holiday gas station. Continue on Interlachen Blvd until you are at the country club. From the west, take Excelsior Blvd to Blake Road and proceed south. Blake will turn into Interlachen Blvd. Continue until you see the country club.

Special Important Notice

Our prized assistant, the Boss's legal secretary, Jackie Campbell, has retired. No correspondence will be accepted at the Boss's former law office on Summit Drive. Please direct your correspondence to:

Torske Klubben

c/o Mark Gaasedelen

7201 Ohms Lane #100

Edina, MN 55439

Welcome New Members as of 2017

Eric Brotten

Sponsored by Ole Koppang and David Minge

Steve Lyngdal

Tom Nelson

Sponsored by Gary Gandrud and Richard Shinofield

Welcome New Members as of 2016

Marius Hansen

Sponsored by Orlyn Kringstad and Kjell Bergh

Mark J Haugland

Sponsored by Lee Simso and John Ophaug

William W McReavy

Sponsored by Harvey Hustad and Corky Veker

Robert A (Randy) Petzel

Sponsored by Russ Anderson and Milo Meland

All Students for All Years

Torske Klubben is proud to be a member of the University of Minnesota President's Club

Students for 2017-2018

Susanne Flod, Architecture

Lucas Franco, Political Science

Christian Graefe, Chemistry

Soveig Mebust, Musicology

Laurel Ohm, Math

Students for 2016-2017

Elizabeth Fast, Psychology

Lucas Franco, Political Science

Christian Graefe, Chemistry

Anna Kvinge, Public Affairs

Solveig Mebust, Musicology

Welcome New Members as of 2015

Chad Arnesen

Tor Hansen

Jon Hoffman

Vidar Romarheim

Erik Strom

Robert Engebretsen

Peter Russell

Students for 2015-2016

Brent Perreault, Physics

Kaja Kierulf, Economics

Sarah Nelson, Biochemistry

Tyler Best, Social Work

Welcome New Members as of 2014

Joshua Friell

Dale Klungness

John Lassetter

David Olson

John Wilson

Students for 2014-2015

Jared Goplen, Applied Plant Sciences

Ian Gunsolus, Chemistry

Erik Torgerson, Educational Psychology

Vegard Nygard, Economics

Petra Kranzfelder, Entomology, Studying at NTNU in Norway

Students for 2013-2014

Jared Goplen

Ian Gunsolus

Erik Torgerson

Vegard Nygard

Torske Klubben Members who are recipients of awards instituted by His Majesty, the King of Norway, or approved by His Majesty:

The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, instituted by H.M. King Oscar I on August 21, 1847, is conferred as " a reward of distinguished services to the country and mankind".

David W. Preus, Commander - 1976

The Grand Master of the Order of Merit, by Harald Rex

Gary Gandrud, Commander - 2015

The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, instituted by H.M. King Olav V on June 14, 1985, is conferred on foreign and Norwegian nationals as a reward for their outstanding service in the interest of Norway.

Jeff Mueller, Knight First Class - 2018

Gary Gandrud, Knight First Class - 2007

Kjell Bergh, Knight First Class - 1996

Lawrence O. Hauge, Knight First Class - 2004

John M. Lund, Knight First Class - 2004

Walter F. Mondale, Grand Cross - 1996

Todd W. Nichol, Knight First Class - 2006

Tor Dahl, Knight First Class - 2009

Odd Lovoll, Knight First Class - 1985

The Haakon VII Freedom Cross is awarded for distinguished service in the Armed Forces duringWorldWar II (1940-45), and for the benefit of Norway's war efforts.

Norman E. Midthun - 1945

The Medal of St. Olav, established in 1913, is conferred as a reward for advancing knowledge of Norway abroad and for strengthening the bonds between their country of residence and Norway.

Kjell Bergh - 1983

Lawrence O. Hauge - 1981

Odell Bjerkness - 1981

James T. Johnson - 1985

Orlyn A. Kringstad - 1996

Magne Smedvig - 1966

The Haakon VII Freedom Medal is awarded for meritorious service in the Armed Forces and the Merchant Marine duringWorldWar II 1940-45.

Hans J. Skalle - 1988

The Defense Medal 1940-1945 is awarded to persons who participated in military activities duringWorldWar II 1940-45.

Norman Midthun - 1945

Hans J. Skalle - 1982

The Home Guard Medal of Merit is awarded to persons who have rendered outstanding service to the Home Guard.

James T. Johnson - 1990

Club Rules

1. Every member of of the club pledges to serve as toastmaster, contribute to Torske Klubben's scholarship fund, which is a deductible contribution to the University of Minnesota, and tell a good story when called upon, but only when called upon.

2. Acceptable attire is a suit or sportcoat and a neck tie.

3. Fresh cod is served at each luncheon and is specially ordered for this meal early in the week. Therefore, reservations are required by noon on the Monday before the meeting. Please respond to your monthly invitation, whether or NOT you will be coming. This is very helpful to us.

4. We finalize the count and make our reservation at this time. We order a couple extra fillets but, at this time, they are about $10 per serving, so we do not order a large number of extras. Walk-ins and very late reservations may not be served torsk. At this point we are committed to paying for all of the reserved places. Despite this, we allow cancellations up to the Thursday before the meeting. Emergency late cancellations are dealt with individually, but only serious health issues are considered.

5. No shows by a member or a member's guest will be billed to the member. Please inform your guests that they must cancel by Thursday to avoid a charge.

6. A maximum of two guests are allowed per meeting.

7. If your guest speaks during his introduction, the member or guest must pay $100 immediately to the treasurer.

8. Members are always welcome to come to a meeting if you reserve late but you may not be served torsk.

9. And our most important rule, the Boss is always right.

10. If the Boss is not right, see rule number 9.