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Torske Klubben Program Committee Members

If you have suggestions for speakers please contact any of the following committee members:

Boss Robert Gisvold, Russ Anderson, Brian Flakne, Jim Gaasedelen, Mark Gaasedelen, Halsey Halls, Boss Emeritus Jim Halls, Peter Halls, John Lund, David Minge, Larry Molsather, Immediate Past Boss (IPB) Don Omodt, Dag Sohlberg, Rolf Svendsen, and Dewey Thorbeck

Torske Klubben Programs for 2016-2017

Tickets are $25 per person with a maximum of two guests. Reservations must be made by noon on the Monday preceding the meeting. Reservations taken after this time cannot be guaranteed torsk since it is specially ordered.

October 1, 2016-Ragnhild Sohlberg, PhD on the Norwegian Prison System, Sponsored by Dag Sohlberg

November 5, 2016-Professor Henrik Williams on runes, PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING WILL BE AT MINNESOTA VALLEY CC and PLEASE, NO GUESTS. We have limited seating this month.

December 3, 2016-No Speaker-Student Scholarship Day



March 4, 2017-Mark Seeley, U of Minnesota Climatologist PLEASE NOTE THIS MEETING WILL BE AT MINNESOTA VALLEY CC

April 1, 2017-The speaker will be Eric Lavanger, Dairy Queen executive at Interlachen Country Club

May 6, 2017-Scholarship Day and Election at Interlachen Country Club

Torske Klubben Programs for 2015-2016

October 3, 2015-Barry Anderson, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice-Sponsored by Russ Anderson

November 7, 2015-Dr. James Moller on The History of Heart Innovations at the University of Minnesota at Interlachen-Sponsored by Milo Meland

December 5, 2015-Dr. Brooks Jackson, MD, Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School-Sponsored by Dewey Thorbeck, and the Students at Interlachen

January 2, 2016-Ladies' Day at Minnesota Valley Country Club on Auto Club Rd in Bloomington

February 6, 2016-Jeff Hintz, Executive Director of the Ryder Cup at Interlachen Sponsored by John Bell Wilson

March 5, 2016-Dr. Randy Petzel, MD on The Veterans Administration at Interlachen CC 11:00-2:00

April 2, 2016-David Minge and Rolf Svendsen on The 99th Infantry Battalion

May 7, 2016-Election of Officers, Student Presentations at Interlachen

Torske Klubben Programs for 2014-2015

October 4, 2014-Phil Dow on "Redefining Risk and Reward in Today's Economy" at Interlachen CC 11:00-2:00

November 1, 2014-Paul Gilje, Executive Director of The Civic Caucus on "Human Capital:Minnesota's Strength and Challenge" at Interlachen

December 6, 2014-Students at Interlachen

January 3, 2015-Ladies' Day at Interlachen

February 7, 2015-Tom Fisher, Dean of U of MN School of Design on "The Design Economy" at Interlachen

March 7, 2015-Lorraine Jensen on Runic Studies at Minnesota Valley CC

April 4, 2015-Norm Midthun at Interlachen

May 2, 2015-Election of Officers, Student Presentations at Interlachen

Torske Klubben Programs for 2013-2014

October 5, 2013-Steve Elliot on The Minnesota Historical Society Sponsored by Russ Anderson

Friday, November 1, 2013-Torske Klubben's 80th Anniversary Party at Interlachen CC (No Saturday meeting this month)

Black Tie Optional, RSVP, Wives or significant others only (one guest per member due to space, please)

5:30-7:00 Cocktails and 7:00 Dinner of Torsk or Pork, Caesar Salad, Mavis Skalle's Famous Interlachen Tort Dessert, wine and aquavit

$60/person and $120/couple

Toastmaster will be Dag Sohlberg

Invitations will be by email and we request responses whether or not you will be coming since we will contact all non responders.

December 6, 2013-Scholarship Meeting with Jørn Remmem

January 4, 2014-Ladies' Day Dessert Mixer

February 1, 2014-Katey Pelican on Environmental Health Sponsored by Dewey Thorbeck

March 1, 2014-John Woods on the Viking Stadium Sponsored by Peter Halls

April 5, 2014-Dewey Thorbeck speaking on Norway House

May 3, 2014-Torske Klubben Graduate Fellows and Annual Election

Torske Klubben Programs for 2012-2013

October 6, 2012-Ragnhild Sohlberg, PhD on Norway and the European Union Sponsored by Dag Sohlberg

November 3, 2012-John Himle on The Election Sponsored by Clyde Allen

December 1, 2012-Dr. Steve Polasky a University of Minnesota Economist Sponsored by Larry Molsather and Mike Rollefson

January 5, 2013-Ladies' Day and the Bjorn Hagen Singers

February 2, 2013-Leon Frankel on World War II and The Israeli Air Force Sponsored by Gary Flakne

March 2, 2013-Dan Jasper on The Mall of America Sponsored by Tom Fjelde

April 6, 2013-Tim Anderson on Airport Security since 9-11 Sponsored by Russ Anderson

May 4, 2013-Torske Klubben Graduate Fellows and the Annual Election